October 2, 2012

Alexander McQueen & Chanel

Straight from Paris Fashion Week, it's my favorites from Chanel & Alexander McQueen SS13 collections.

First up, Chanel.  The dress on the left, I'd wear it.  I just really like it, and that's all I have to say about that.  The pantsuit in the middle - oh em gee.  The color!  The exposed bra!  Is this the new business wear?  Can I get away with just a blazer at work?  Does this show of power AND femininity?  As much as I want to wear a Barney purple suit without a shirt, I don't know if it would pass at a job interview.  But those shoes....unf.  To the right, there is so much right with that hat.  The classic floppy hate gets a chic plastic update.  That's right, chic plastic. I wonder if it has SPF? 

Meanwhile, in the mind of Sarah Burton, we get these fabulous four pieces from Alexander McQueen. Let me just say, the hats are SO distracting.  Yeah they're funky, but they really take away from the intricacies of each piece.  The outfit on the left, I DIE.  LOOK AT IT.  Fishnets seem to be a common theme, even the delicate dress second from the left has hints of fishnet.  View the whole collection at www.style.com.

All photos from www.style.com