October 2, 2012

Alexander McQueen & Chanel

Straight from Paris Fashion Week, it's my favorites from Chanel & Alexander McQueen SS13 collections.

First up, Chanel.  The dress on the left, I'd wear it.  I just really like it, and that's all I have to say about that.  The pantsuit in the middle - oh em gee.  The color!  The exposed bra!  Is this the new business wear?  Can I get away with just a blazer at work?  Does this show of power AND femininity?  As much as I want to wear a Barney purple suit without a shirt, I don't know if it would pass at a job interview.  But those shoes....unf.  To the right, there is so much right with that hat.  The classic floppy hate gets a chic plastic update.  That's right, chic plastic. I wonder if it has SPF? 

Meanwhile, in the mind of Sarah Burton, we get these fabulous four pieces from Alexander McQueen. Let me just say, the hats are SO distracting.  Yeah they're funky, but they really take away from the intricacies of each piece.  The outfit on the left, I DIE.  LOOK AT IT.  Fishnets seem to be a common theme, even the delicate dress second from the left has hints of fishnet.  View the whole collection at www.style.com.

All photos from www.style.com

September 29, 2012

NYFW: Angelina Jolie Leg Moments

Remember the 2012 Oscars?   Remember Angelina's leg?  Oh, you need a refresher?  Here you go.
Photo from www.instyle.com

In the Spring, everyone will be able to embody Angelina's pose.  Leg slits seemed to pop up in long dresses on runway after runway.  Sex appeal and parody Twitter accounts are in our fashion futures.  Leg slits are hot, there is no denying that one.  Angelina Jolie's pose is questionable.  I can picture many girls posing for their senior prom portraits like her, and that's not a photo your mom wants to frame.  Here are examples of the leg slit done right. 

Left to Right: Tory Burch, Rodarte and DKNY

Is there a term I'm missing or is it just called a leg slit?  Can we think of a better word for a thigh grazing slash in a dress?  I'm at a loss here.  Help me out in the comments, people! 

Photos from dkny.com, style.com

September 21, 2012

Fashion Week Recap: White on White

on White.  Instead of doing an everyday/this is what happened/this is what I think post, I decided to pick out my favorite looks from NYFW and share them.  My first favorite trend is white on white.

Enter in (L to R): Rachel Zoe, Kimberly Ovitz, BCBG Max Azria, DKNY, Alexander Wang
Why do I like white on white?  It's easy to match.  White pants? Boom. Match those babies with a white v-neck.  White dress? Why not throw on some white shoes? By the end of the day, everyone will know what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner! .... OK maybe just if you have a problem spilling things on yourself (like me). To be honest, I just spilled coffee down my shirt after I typed that line. While the white on white trend not be for me, it definitely could work for literally anyone else. Photos from style.com, DKNY.com

May 21, 2012

Monday Updates

I've been a little absent from my blog lately.  Ok, very absent.  I've been busy working at my internship, packing up my apartment (I'm moving into a house June 1), seeing friends and being very, very lazy.  

That being said, I'm trying to be less lazy when it comes to blogging.  I may be absent for a few more weeks, but that's because I need to figure out what I'm going to be blogging about.  It's for your benefit - I promise.

Be back soon. :)

xo Dana

May 7, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up: Making Me Laugh Currently

On this Monday, I bring to you 3 videos close to my heart.  Not really, but these are 3 videos I have been watching repeatedly for the past week.

This first video I made my friends watch 5 times before starting a movie.  After the movie, I proceeded to watch it ten more times and have watched it everyday this past week.  I can't not laugh at it, the guy nails it.

On the continuing theme of recorder renditions of themes, here is "My Heart Will Go On".  You have 4 minutes, I promise.  

This last video was shared with me by my friend Mike.  There is an entire channel of videos like this one. Subscribe.  Watch all of them.  Don't ask questions.  Just watch.

April 30, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up: Dirty Jersey Style

This Monday, I bring you Jersey's finest, in the form of a review on Yelp:

I was on Yelp looking at reviews of Club Providence, which is located in the Tropicana at Atlantic City.  Why was I looking at reviews of night clubs in Atlantic City?  Well, it just so happens my 21st birthday is in July and I live in the Garden State.  Las Vegas is a plane ride away, while Atlantic City is 40 minutes away and there is a beach.  I don't know, it's a thought.

This review convinced me to go to Club Providence....to watch the disaster that is the sleaze of the Jersey Shore also known as tourists:

our most famous tourists....

The people located above are who you stay away from.  The guido Long Islanders that make everyone think that our pristine beaches are filled with orange people and fist pumping.  They exist, but they're not from Jersey.  Don't lump us all in the same group as them.

That being said, I do like to get my dance on.  I want to see this guy and his hungry lion boys in the club that is now being referred to as Africa....with tanned fake-boobed gazelles ready to be tore up.  I've never been to Atlantic City (edit: as a 21 year old), but I have heard good things from my college-aged friends and old people who like to gamble.  What I'm trying to say is, I don't know what I want to do for my birthday that's 2 months away, but this is a start.  That review was too good not to share.