September 29, 2012

NYFW: Angelina Jolie Leg Moments

Remember the 2012 Oscars?   Remember Angelina's leg?  Oh, you need a refresher?  Here you go.
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In the Spring, everyone will be able to embody Angelina's pose.  Leg slits seemed to pop up in long dresses on runway after runway.  Sex appeal and parody Twitter accounts are in our fashion futures.  Leg slits are hot, there is no denying that one.  Angelina Jolie's pose is questionable.  I can picture many girls posing for their senior prom portraits like her, and that's not a photo your mom wants to frame.  Here are examples of the leg slit done right. 

Left to Right: Tory Burch, Rodarte and DKNY

Is there a term I'm missing or is it just called a leg slit?  Can we think of a better word for a thigh grazing slash in a dress?  I'm at a loss here.  Help me out in the comments, people! 

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