March 30, 2012

An Open Letter to my Right Wrist

Dear Right Wrist-
         I'm sorry I use you so much.  That cyst you gave me hurt, but this is just ridiculous.  Flipping eggs is hard, opening jars is difficult, my handwriting has gone down the drain.... I know this splint is supposed to help me, but it's really making things difficult for me.  Yes, it's just 'hook-and-loop'-ed on, but once your little splint is removed you hurt.
        I know other people have it worse so I feel bad complaining.  Some people don't even HAVE hands.  Telling people I had a cyst drained when they ask why I have a splint on is the most uncool thing ever.  Also, the the hook and loop gets stuck on everything.  I went shopping and got attached to every piece of clothing I looked at.  I know, my life is so hard.  OH, and it's loud.  If it's too tight and I have to readjust during class, people turn around and look at me because I'm that person.
        You better be back to normal in 3 weeks when I don't have to wear this dumb splint anymore.  I'll treat you better.  I promise.



March 28, 2012


Neoprene, also known as the fabric wetsuits are made out of, is having a moment.  The fabric has recently hit the shelves of department stores as skirts and bags.  That's right.  Move over O'Neil, Net-A-Porter has a great selection of neoprene wares, including a Stella McCartney wetsuit.  Surfer girl meets 5th Avenue.

The ultimate transition pieces.  Go right from your scuba lesson to the club.  You'll stay warm in the water plus post-swim while you're waiting in line for a drink.  

At left, yellow ASOS shift dress makes scuba diving sexy, while the McQAlexander McQueen dress below it makes you look like a shark.  Check out those side fins- we're gonna need a bigger boat.  Tablet case from Marc by Marc Jacobs, bring your electronics to the beach!  iPads and iPhones are best nestled in the safety of a bright orange Juicy Couture tote.  Neoprene shoes, why not?  Jimmy Choo to the rescue.  Wear them instead of flippers while scuba diving for a chic edge.  Skirt and dress on the right by Linda Marie Fernandez.  The blue and black neoprene with a thick, black plastic zipper remind the wearer of a classic wetsuit.  Upside of wearing neoprene?  It's so tight you can't breathe.  Who needs air? 

March 26, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

It's Monday!  Here is a video to make you:
1. question my sanity
2. giggle (maybe)
3. want Jell-O
4. get grossed out by the noise Jell-O makes when shaken

This is my roommate Kate shaking a plate of Jell-O.  You're welcome, internet.

March 24, 2012

Weekend Update

Sorry I was m.i.a this week.  My boyfriend was visiting me for the week and he's more important than my blog readers.  Except he is my only reader so sorry I'm not sorry.  Here is what happened this week:

1. My boyfriend stayed with me for his spring break.  He lives 3,000 miles away so this made me very happy.

2. We had beautiful weather all week.  Upper 70's & sunshine.  Flowers are blooming.  it is SPRING!

3. I had a cyst on my wrist removed.  Now I get to wear a splint for 4 weeks.
at least it's totally cute, right?  

4.  My boyfriend gave up meat for Lent, so I ate and cooked vegetarian all week.  It was super tasty.

5.  He is currently at the airport waiting for his flight back to California and I'm really sad.  

March 15, 2012

March Madness

It's that time of year again.  That time of year when everyone is into college basketball.  Brackets are made, choices are carefully picked and TV's are turned on.  I like making a bracket for the tournament.  Not because I like basketball, just because I like to see how well I can do with no knowledge of the teams other than their names and how they are ranked.

Usually I don't do to well.  I also don't watch the games.  I might watch one or two really important ones, like the final game.  I just go along pretending I care.  I just want to be able to tell people who I think will be the final 2.  I just wanna fit in.

It's gonna be UNC v. Kansas, UNC is gonna win.  That's my prediction.  Kansas is good with 3-pointers. (There's the one fun fact I know.)

March 12, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

Sorry this post is kinda late.  I'm on vacation, haters.  By "vacation" I mean I was out running various errands all day.  I got to drive my mom's new whip.  Whip probably isn't a good word for it, sedan works better.  Well, onto the post.  This Monday I have two things for you:
This photo sums up how I feel most of the time.

This GIF cracks me up. 

Ok that's all.  Sorry if this was a disappointing post, it was fun for me.  

March 9, 2012

Spring Break '12

SPRING BREAK!!!!! It's true, it's spring break for myself and many other college students across the country.  I'm not in Punta Cana, Mexico or the Bahamas.  I'm at my house.  It's not hot outside but it is supposed to be in the upper 60s all this week.  That's super exciting because it means winter is over.   Today was my first full day home and I spent the day reading magazines, unpacking and hanging out with my dog.

I miss my dog while I'm at school way too much.  She's just so cute and cuddly I can't help but miss her.  I'm a dog lady, whatever.

I'm really bad at making plans so I have absolutely nothing fun planned while I'm home.  Usually the excitement of being home wears off by Wednesday, and you're ready to go back to school as soon as possible.  I guess I could see friends who are home as well and spend quality time with my family.  Or I could blog about how lame I am.  Yeah....lets go with that one.

March 7, 2012

Just Stop

I've had a terrible mail biting habit for as long as I can remember.  I never had nice, long nails painted pretty colors.  I've never gotten a manicure.  My nails were tiny, chewed stubs on the ends on my fingers.  They looked gross.  They hurt.  My friends would paint their nails together and I would just sit there uncomfortably with my stubs.  I wanted to stop my habit but all my efforts were futile.  Gross flavored nail polishes didn't stop me, keeping my hands busy didn't keep them out of my mouth and no matter what anyone said I couldn't just stop.  

I hate that phrase.... just stop.  If I could just stop, don't you think I would've just stopped years ago?  

One day I got fed up with that phrase and not having nails.  So I coated my stubs in clear nail polish and made sure this would be the last time I tried to stop, because this time I would succeed.  And you know what?  I did!  Everyday was hard.  It's still hard.  Instead of nervously biting my nails I would just look at them.  It sounds weird but if I wanted to bite them I just stared at them instead until the feeling left.  

It's been about a month since I first said I needed to stop, and I have learned one thing - nails grow so slowly.  But I can paint them now!  They are finally pretty colors and not gross to look at!  I do have my moments of weakness (for example, I bit my thumb a little bit while I was writing this).  Oh, and I can't seem to stop biting two of my fingers-  my pointer fingers on each hand.   They'll stop being my vices soon, though.  My nails are painted a pretty shimmery white and I'm so thrilled.  Maybe I'll get a manicure.  

March 5, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

Aaaaaand this is real.  This will either make your Monday better, or will make you lose all faith in the future of music.  Andy Milonakis...remember him from that MTV show?  You're welcome....?

March 1, 2012

Worst 40 Days Ever

As most white people know, it's Lent.  I am not Catholic, my roommate is not Catholic.  Lent is a Catholic thing.  Long story short Jesus gave up food and water for 40 days while he was in a desert.  No easy task by any means.  AND he was tempted by Satan.

Because I live in the 21st Century and fall to Satan's temptations daily (kind of joking), I decided to give up something just to see if I could do it.

After a conversation with my roommate we decided to both give up our food vice, ranch dressing.  The holy grail of salad dressings.  It's good on everything from pizza to chicken nuggets to vegetables.   After evaluating our sad diets of processed food, we realized we needed to make a change.  So we're starting small with ranch.

 It's actually not a small step because we literally eat it everyday with at least one meal.  We're about a week in and so far we have stayed strong.  The notes on our fridge that command "NO RANCH" are definitely helping.

I have tried to find something else to dip my chicken nuggets in,  when I asked my roommate what I should use she said "my tears."  I contemplated barbeque sauce and honey mustard but my roommate said we really should avoid viscous sauces because it would be like "replacing cocaine with heroin."

So I have moved on.  I've moved on to Sriracha.  What is Sriracha?  Click here and learn my young grasshopper.  My acid reflux is really thanking me for this one.