April 30, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up: Dirty Jersey Style

This Monday, I bring you Jersey's finest, in the form of a review on Yelp:

I was on Yelp looking at reviews of Club Providence, which is located in the Tropicana at Atlantic City.  Why was I looking at reviews of night clubs in Atlantic City?  Well, it just so happens my 21st birthday is in July and I live in the Garden State.  Las Vegas is a plane ride away, while Atlantic City is 40 minutes away and there is a beach.  I don't know, it's a thought.

This review convinced me to go to Club Providence....to watch the disaster that is the sleaze of the Jersey Shore also known as tourists:

our most famous tourists....

The people located above are who you stay away from.  The guido Long Islanders that make everyone think that our pristine beaches are filled with orange people and fist pumping.  They exist, but they're not from Jersey.  Don't lump us all in the same group as them.

That being said, I do like to get my dance on.  I want to see this guy and his hungry lion boys in the club that is now being referred to as Africa....with tanned fake-boobed gazelles ready to be tore up.  I've never been to Atlantic City (edit: as a 21 year old), but I have heard good things from my college-aged friends and old people who like to gamble.  What I'm trying to say is, I don't know what I want to do for my birthday that's 2 months away, but this is a start.  That review was too good not to share.

April 26, 2012

Mom, Cook My Dinner

Recently my diet has had an overhaul.  In March, my roommate got really sick and had to go home to get a bunch of horrible sounding tests done.  When she returned to school she said she needed to change her diet.  Looking in my fridge in March you would find: chicken nuggets, hot dogs, microwave burritos, pizza, carrots and maybe some leftovers.  We both did not eat well - choosing convenience over health.

Making food for yourself is soooooo annoying.  I do enjoy cooking, when I have the time and all the ingredients on hand.  But normally I'm too busy watching Archer to make a well balanced meal or I only have a few ingredients and I want to make something super complex.  Into the microwave goes a burrito...with some carrot sticks on the side (not microwaved).

Then my roommate got sick.  And then I wrote a nutritional analysis on what I ate for a week for my nutrition class.  Here is the opening paragraph to my paper:

"After analyzing my diet for a week, I have come to the conclusion that I must hate my body.  The amount of fruit and vegetables I don’t eat is appalling, and that’s definitely the worst aspect of my diet.  I know why I do this - and it’s because it’s not convenient.  I do no have a car, so getting to the grocery store when I run out of fresh vegetables is not an easy feat.  Generally I stock up on vegetables when I go shopping and then run out sooner than anticipated.  Fresh things also go bad if left in the refrigerator for extended amounts of time.  Fruit, on the other hand, is something I just entirely omit from my diet.  I never think to buy any when I’m shopping.  On occasion, I will eat an apple that I got from the cafeteria.  But since I eat almost all of my meals at home, fruit is not something I eat a lot.  For the week I analyzed, the only trace of fruit in my diet was when I mixed vodka with orange juice.  Ideal way to get the benefits of fruit into my diet?  Probably not. "

Sadly the above is all true.  But not anymore.  Now our fridge is filled with fresh vegetables and home-cooked meals.  If you make a lot of healthy food, you have a lot of healthy leftovers for lunches and other dinners.  Take an hour or so and make a well-balanced meal.  Your body will thank you.  Now, back to your mac 'n cheese.

Here is some more inspiration to cook for yourself.

April 23, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

If you've seen Rocky, you know this scene.  If you haven't seen Rocky, you know this scene.  This weekend I was in Philadelphia with friends and we decided to check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art.    We didn't originally plan to go to the museum, we actually got lost and decided to just park and look around.

The museum was closing when we got there, but I couldn't resist running up the steps.  In a dress and sandals.  It was worth it.  I would've taken a photo with the statue, but there was a wedding party getting their photos taken in front of it.

look at all those steps

my friend Tracey (on the left) and myself!

April 16, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

I recently Googled "things to do before you die" because I was working on my bucket list.  This Esquire article was the first result.  I flipped through the slides trying to find some inspirations.  I got to #61 when I found a great idea that I needed to share with you dear readers.

"No. 61-63: Go to the desert. Take long-lasting drugs. Drink water.
Not talking about Vegas. Not talking about Lunesta, either."

How life changing could that experience possibly be?  You will probably either find God or die. I guess this isn't something you should do alone.  I took this suggestion to heart and wrote down "Go to Burning Man" on my bucket list (My boyfriend went this past summer and said it was amazing).

What's on your bucket list? 

April 13, 2012

Social Experiments via Facebook

I recently conducted a social experiment via my Facebook status.  If you are friends on Facebook with any girls in high school, you are familiar with the "Like my status for a truth!" status or some variety of that.  If you are unfamiliar, someone who thinks their opinions are valued by others posts a status along the lines of "like my status for an opinion/truth" and who ever likes the posters status will get a short opinion written on their facebook wall.  Usually it's something the response is something like "truth is: I don't know you."

I decided to change the game and made my status this:

Insulting people would be more fun for me, and if you asked my opinion of you I would probably insult you anyway.  Honestly, I didn't think anyone would like this status.  I had a few (all male) facebook friends like this status.  Some I knew well, others were acquaintances.  

Turns out insulting my friends really wasn't that fun.  I felt compelled to insult them since they went through the effort of clicking the like button on my status, but I felt weird trying to think of some clever insult.  Ok none of my insults were clever.  I didn't want to be really mean and actually insult people.  

This was to a good friend of mine.  Good friend meaning I see him frequently and we hang out a lot.  His comeback was a lot better than my insult.  

This was to just a general friend.  You know the type.  I say hi to him if i see him places, but I don't think to call him if I am looking for a chill sesh.  I knew he would catch my sarcasm so I didn't mind being a little meaner than I would be to an acquaintance.  He's not really a douche or pretentious, he's actually really talented and modest.  My insult was commentary on a recent status he made (his status in quotes).  

I liked his response by rating my insult.  He got what I was doing - just being snarky.  

Then there was this.  I met this kid once, and honestly I could've been a lot meaner, but I want my $20. I'm pretty sure he was offended.  On the other hand, I was flattered.  I don't really think I'm pretty so I decided to take it as a compliment.  

I think EMT's are wonderful and do things I could never do.  I just can't stand the people who are obsessed with their radios and how they get to have blue lights in their cars.  

Different people responded in different ways.  Most took it for what it was - a joke.  I did learn one thing, I get really uncomfortable insulting people I like.  It just felt wrong.  Post your best insults in the comments, so I have material to use next time I try to spit game.

April 9, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

Live video for mobile from Ustream
Penguin cam, brought to you by Discovery and Sea World San Diego.  Aren't they so adorable?!

April 8, 2012


Interviewing is awkward.  You don't know the people you're talking to, and here they are with your career/job/monetary future in their hands.  You're sitting there trying not to sweat too much and using all your strength to not indulge in your nervous tic.

The interviewer makes you describe yourself in 3 words, list your weaknesses and somehow uses mind control so you forget your native language.  Every word that comes out of your mouth is foreign and you're just on auto pilot.  You've rehearsed what you wanted to say a million times, but that section of your brain is shut off.

Did I shake her hand too hard?  Too lightly?  What's his name again?  Am I staring?  Are my eyes closed?  Am I wearing pants?  These questions take over your mind when you are stuttering over your response to "so why did you leave your previous job?"

Finally it's time to leave and when you get back to your car you feel like you could cry or high five someone.  Maybe both.  So you high five yourself and hold back tears because you don't want your vision blurred on your drive home.  All the way home you think "sweet baby Jesus I need this job if I don't get it I'm doomed because no one else will hire me probably and I have no time to look for a job and I can't do this interview thing again and oh my gosh these shoes are SO uncomfortable"

Or maybe it's just me?

April 4, 2012

Han Solo + Leia Dance Off

The thought of Han Solo dancing to pop songs makes me cry a little bit.  Oh, the humiliation!  This is the man with a ship who can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.  Now he is dancing to "I'm Han Solo".  Catchy?  Well of course.  Upsetting to Star Wars fans everywhere?  Definitely.

Fortunately, my tears are silenced when I realized the Xbox 360 Star Wars game uses Kinect.  You can USE THE FORCE....LIKE A REAL JEDI.  Wave your hand and enemies are flown across the room!  Be still, my childhood.

What's even more glorious than Jedi mind tricks are these babies.  A R2-D2 themed Xbox360 and a C3-PO controller.  I have never needed anything more in my life.  I need these things.  Because of reasons.  I'm really into Star Wars, okay?  I have been for the better part of my life.  They were my favorite (still are some of my favorite) childhood movies.  Next to Aladdin and the Lion King, Star Wars were what my brothers and I were really into.  

April 2, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

Coral has herpes because it gets around.  I love SourceFed.  They produce 5 short videos a day, all about news 'as it happens or matters to them.'  They're funny and succinct, two things anyone with attention problems will enjoy.