April 26, 2012

Mom, Cook My Dinner

Recently my diet has had an overhaul.  In March, my roommate got really sick and had to go home to get a bunch of horrible sounding tests done.  When she returned to school she said she needed to change her diet.  Looking in my fridge in March you would find: chicken nuggets, hot dogs, microwave burritos, pizza, carrots and maybe some leftovers.  We both did not eat well - choosing convenience over health.

Making food for yourself is soooooo annoying.  I do enjoy cooking, when I have the time and all the ingredients on hand.  But normally I'm too busy watching Archer to make a well balanced meal or I only have a few ingredients and I want to make something super complex.  Into the microwave goes a burrito...with some carrot sticks on the side (not microwaved).

Then my roommate got sick.  And then I wrote a nutritional analysis on what I ate for a week for my nutrition class.  Here is the opening paragraph to my paper:

"After analyzing my diet for a week, I have come to the conclusion that I must hate my body.  The amount of fruit and vegetables I don’t eat is appalling, and that’s definitely the worst aspect of my diet.  I know why I do this - and it’s because it’s not convenient.  I do no have a car, so getting to the grocery store when I run out of fresh vegetables is not an easy feat.  Generally I stock up on vegetables when I go shopping and then run out sooner than anticipated.  Fresh things also go bad if left in the refrigerator for extended amounts of time.  Fruit, on the other hand, is something I just entirely omit from my diet.  I never think to buy any when I’m shopping.  On occasion, I will eat an apple that I got from the cafeteria.  But since I eat almost all of my meals at home, fruit is not something I eat a lot.  For the week I analyzed, the only trace of fruit in my diet was when I mixed vodka with orange juice.  Ideal way to get the benefits of fruit into my diet?  Probably not. "

Sadly the above is all true.  But not anymore.  Now our fridge is filled with fresh vegetables and home-cooked meals.  If you make a lot of healthy food, you have a lot of healthy leftovers for lunches and other dinners.  Take an hour or so and make a well-balanced meal.  Your body will thank you.  Now, back to your mac 'n cheese.

Here is some more inspiration to cook for yourself.

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