February 27, 2012

Monday Pick Me Up

Here is your Monday pick me up ~

I can't get over the top comment.  Or the music.  

Don't ask why I was searching YouTube for how to crush garlic.  I have white girl problems, ok? 

February 25, 2012

All Mint Everything

I love spring.  It gets warmer outside, flowers bloom, birds return, it rains a lot....

Anyway.... I mostly like spring for the flowers and sunshine.  The return of spring also means the return of floral prints and pastels!  I love florals, and we'll get into that later.

Today the spotlight is on the color I'm currently obsessed with: MINT GREEN.  The walls in my bedroom are this color.  I want to wear pants, shirts, shoes and dresses in this color.  I want to be this color, to put it lightly.

It's a trendy color so I don't want to saturate my wardrobe with it, but one or two pieces might work their way into my closet.  Being that it's trendy, I also can't justify spending much money on something I might not want to wear next season.

For your (ok mostly mine) minty pleasure I have picked out a few pieces you might want to be seen in.  Wear them all together and go get some chocolate chip mint ice cream, let everyone know spring is coming.

Clockwise starting at the top:

February 22, 2012

College Life: Finding a House

Yesterday, I signed a lease on a house with 3 of my friends.  It was a long, disappointing search.  We would go look at houses up for rent in our college town, only to walk out of one house and find out someone just signed for it.  Some houses were extremely run down or not what we were looking for at all.

When our search seemed fruitless, we stumbled upon one house on Craiglist that seemed promising.  We looked at the house on Saturday, and when we walked in we all kinda sighed with relief.  It was perfect.  A good size, walking distance to school, a nice backyard, and 2.5 bathrooms (an important element for girls).  It also had a fridge (one house didn't have a fridge!) and a washer and dryer in the basement (some houses didn't have those either). 

When we left our tour and talked to the landlord we knew we needed it.  Immediately we were all on the phone with our parents and about an hour later we called the realtor.  She told us if we came in on Tuesday and signed the lease, it'd be ours.

Now it's ours.  Perseverance and the power of the internet have made my realities of having a house with my best friends a reality.  Hopefully we don't all hate each other or burn the house down by the years end. 

Did I mention the house has a yellow bathroom?  The floor, tub, sink, counter, walls and toilet are yellow.  Tacky?  What's that?

February 19, 2012

Wear the Runway: Felder Felder 2012

Felder Felder 2012 consisted of:
1. more gold lamé
2. more underwear as pants
3. nebula tights
4. nebula dresses

All things I highly approve of.  Do you think the model wearing the underwear ever thought "one day, I'll walk down a runway in a sweater and underwear with gold accents?" I like to believe that was a childhood dream for her. View the whole collection here.

I know what you're thinking right now - "where can I get a pair of space tights/a space dress Dana?"  Fear not, dear reader.  I have scoured the bowels of the internet to bring you these fabulous tights AND galaxy dresses by Black Milk Clothing

As for gold lamé skirts...this was too easy.  I happened to own a couple pieces of lamé clothing and American Apparel has more lamé than a rave. 

Buy these articles of clothing and wear them to church, class, parties and your performance review.  Thank me later. 

Photos from www.stylebistro.com

February 17, 2012

NY Fashion Week Recap

For your sartorial pleasure I have created a mini-New York Fashion Week recap.  I picked out my top 3 collections and 3 of my favorite looks.  If you're not that into fashion, scroll to the bottom of the post and you'll change your mind.  Click the photos to enlarge them.

J. Mendel blew me away.  The deep-v dresses, gold shoes, lamé accents, sequins and furry bear coats combined to make one kick-ass collection in my opinion. I'll sell my soul for those gold shoes (kind of kidding).  I will let these photos and extremely unhappy looking models speak for themselves. 

Next is Marc Jacobs.  I don't think I could ever come up with an adjective to properly describe this collection.  The hats that donned the models were ah-maze-ing.  It's like the Mad Hatter got angry with the White Rabbit and turned him into some kind of magical furry hat.  If you can get past those hats on the modes and look at the individual elements, the attention to detail is incredible.  The patterns and colors are perfect for fall/winter, and the pilgrim shoes...someone get me a pair?

Last up is the one and only Jeremy Scott.  I honestly don't have words for what this man created.  It's like all my dreams come true.  Rainbow sequins and lame overalls and unicorns.  UNICORNS! I never thought I could get behind the underwear as pants trend until I saw these not-pants with the Bartman on them.  If you're wondering who would wear something from this collection, we should get to know each other better.  Because I would.  A rainbow hair dress?  Sign me up, I'm sure it's warm.  View his whole collection here.
Photos from vogue.com

February 15, 2012

Unsolicited Opinion: Valentine's Day

My friend has a theory about Valentine's Day.  Her theory is that it's dumb.  It's dumb because everyone else in a relationship is buying chocolate and flowers for their love too.   How romantic is it for everyone to get flowers and you get flowers too?  All of the people in love decide to go out to dinner on the same night and be super mushy.  Why should you be super nice to your love the one day everyone else is doing the same?

I’ll tell you why - because it’s tradition.  It’s been the same thing for years: flowers, chocolate, teddy bear, candles, dinner.... It’s just what you do on Valentine’s Day.  Why do we put trees in our living rooms and decorate them in December?  Because that’s what you do on Christmas.  Most people I know aren’t even Christian, but they celebrate Christmas.  You give gifts to your friends and family on Christmas, even though everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  It’s just what you do.

Sure, it sucks to be single on Valentine’s Day.  Buy your best friend some chocolates and watch a movie and stop being bitter about it.  Surround yourself with those who love you, and let them know you love them too.  Or do nothing and pretend you don’t want a box of chocolates. 

February 14, 2012

Doin' It Dana Style

I'm Dana, and I don't always do it myself.  It being anything - college, cooking, living, having fun, working out, sleeping. 

Lots of sleeping....

....and usually by myself.

But I digress.  This is a blog that will chronicle the things I'm doing and thinking or done and thought.  I hope you're ready for this weird little adventure in the blogosphere.