February 17, 2012

NY Fashion Week Recap

For your sartorial pleasure I have created a mini-New York Fashion Week recap.  I picked out my top 3 collections and 3 of my favorite looks.  If you're not that into fashion, scroll to the bottom of the post and you'll change your mind.  Click the photos to enlarge them.

J. Mendel blew me away.  The deep-v dresses, gold shoes, lamé accents, sequins and furry bear coats combined to make one kick-ass collection in my opinion. I'll sell my soul for those gold shoes (kind of kidding).  I will let these photos and extremely unhappy looking models speak for themselves. 

Next is Marc Jacobs.  I don't think I could ever come up with an adjective to properly describe this collection.  The hats that donned the models were ah-maze-ing.  It's like the Mad Hatter got angry with the White Rabbit and turned him into some kind of magical furry hat.  If you can get past those hats on the modes and look at the individual elements, the attention to detail is incredible.  The patterns and colors are perfect for fall/winter, and the pilgrim shoes...someone get me a pair?

Last up is the one and only Jeremy Scott.  I honestly don't have words for what this man created.  It's like all my dreams come true.  Rainbow sequins and lame overalls and unicorns.  UNICORNS! I never thought I could get behind the underwear as pants trend until I saw these not-pants with the Bartman on them.  If you're wondering who would wear something from this collection, we should get to know each other better.  Because I would.  A rainbow hair dress?  Sign me up, I'm sure it's warm.  View his whole collection here.
Photos from vogue.com


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Personally, I've been enchanted by Derek Lam, God, I loooove this guy!

    1. Loved his floral prints and gold loafers!