February 22, 2012

College Life: Finding a House

Yesterday, I signed a lease on a house with 3 of my friends.  It was a long, disappointing search.  We would go look at houses up for rent in our college town, only to walk out of one house and find out someone just signed for it.  Some houses were extremely run down or not what we were looking for at all.

When our search seemed fruitless, we stumbled upon one house on Craiglist that seemed promising.  We looked at the house on Saturday, and when we walked in we all kinda sighed with relief.  It was perfect.  A good size, walking distance to school, a nice backyard, and 2.5 bathrooms (an important element for girls).  It also had a fridge (one house didn't have a fridge!) and a washer and dryer in the basement (some houses didn't have those either). 

When we left our tour and talked to the landlord we knew we needed it.  Immediately we were all on the phone with our parents and about an hour later we called the realtor.  She told us if we came in on Tuesday and signed the lease, it'd be ours.

Now it's ours.  Perseverance and the power of the internet have made my realities of having a house with my best friends a reality.  Hopefully we don't all hate each other or burn the house down by the years end. 

Did I mention the house has a yellow bathroom?  The floor, tub, sink, counter, walls and toilet are yellow.  Tacky?  What's that?

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