February 15, 2012

Unsolicited Opinion: Valentine's Day

My friend has a theory about Valentine's Day.  Her theory is that it's dumb.  It's dumb because everyone else in a relationship is buying chocolate and flowers for their love too.   How romantic is it for everyone to get flowers and you get flowers too?  All of the people in love decide to go out to dinner on the same night and be super mushy.  Why should you be super nice to your love the one day everyone else is doing the same?

I’ll tell you why - because it’s tradition.  It’s been the same thing for years: flowers, chocolate, teddy bear, candles, dinner.... It’s just what you do on Valentine’s Day.  Why do we put trees in our living rooms and decorate them in December?  Because that’s what you do on Christmas.  Most people I know aren’t even Christian, but they celebrate Christmas.  You give gifts to your friends and family on Christmas, even though everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  It’s just what you do.

Sure, it sucks to be single on Valentine’s Day.  Buy your best friend some chocolates and watch a movie and stop being bitter about it.  Surround yourself with those who love you, and let them know you love them too.  Or do nothing and pretend you don’t want a box of chocolates. 

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  1. This is the same argument I make every Presidents' Day! Why celebrate a bunch of dead guys who (possibly) had slaves and (could very well have) worn wigs? I mean, let's be honest here...who can even name more than about 7 presidents? We do it because it's TRADITION. Tradition! (insert Fiddler on the Roof joke here)
    Hug your favorite President. Let them know you care.