February 25, 2012

All Mint Everything

I love spring.  It gets warmer outside, flowers bloom, birds return, it rains a lot....

Anyway.... I mostly like spring for the flowers and sunshine.  The return of spring also means the return of floral prints and pastels!  I love florals, and we'll get into that later.

Today the spotlight is on the color I'm currently obsessed with: MINT GREEN.  The walls in my bedroom are this color.  I want to wear pants, shirts, shoes and dresses in this color.  I want to be this color, to put it lightly.

It's a trendy color so I don't want to saturate my wardrobe with it, but one or two pieces might work their way into my closet.  Being that it's trendy, I also can't justify spending much money on something I might not want to wear next season.

For your (ok mostly mine) minty pleasure I have picked out a few pieces you might want to be seen in.  Wear them all together and go get some chocolate chip mint ice cream, let everyone know spring is coming.

Clockwise starting at the top:

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