April 4, 2012

Han Solo + Leia Dance Off

The thought of Han Solo dancing to pop songs makes me cry a little bit.  Oh, the humiliation!  This is the man with a ship who can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.  Now he is dancing to "I'm Han Solo".  Catchy?  Well of course.  Upsetting to Star Wars fans everywhere?  Definitely.

Fortunately, my tears are silenced when I realized the Xbox 360 Star Wars game uses Kinect.  You can USE THE FORCE....LIKE A REAL JEDI.  Wave your hand and enemies are flown across the room!  Be still, my childhood.

What's even more glorious than Jedi mind tricks are these babies.  A R2-D2 themed Xbox360 and a C3-PO controller.  I have never needed anything more in my life.  I need these things.  Because of reasons.  I'm really into Star Wars, okay?  I have been for the better part of my life.  They were my favorite (still are some of my favorite) childhood movies.  Next to Aladdin and the Lion King, Star Wars were what my brothers and I were really into.  

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