April 8, 2012


Interviewing is awkward.  You don't know the people you're talking to, and here they are with your career/job/monetary future in their hands.  You're sitting there trying not to sweat too much and using all your strength to not indulge in your nervous tic.

The interviewer makes you describe yourself in 3 words, list your weaknesses and somehow uses mind control so you forget your native language.  Every word that comes out of your mouth is foreign and you're just on auto pilot.  You've rehearsed what you wanted to say a million times, but that section of your brain is shut off.

Did I shake her hand too hard?  Too lightly?  What's his name again?  Am I staring?  Are my eyes closed?  Am I wearing pants?  These questions take over your mind when you are stuttering over your response to "so why did you leave your previous job?"

Finally it's time to leave and when you get back to your car you feel like you could cry or high five someone.  Maybe both.  So you high five yourself and hold back tears because you don't want your vision blurred on your drive home.  All the way home you think "sweet baby Jesus I need this job if I don't get it I'm doomed because no one else will hire me probably and I have no time to look for a job and I can't do this interview thing again and oh my gosh these shoes are SO uncomfortable"

Or maybe it's just me?

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