March 9, 2012

Spring Break '12

SPRING BREAK!!!!! It's true, it's spring break for myself and many other college students across the country.  I'm not in Punta Cana, Mexico or the Bahamas.  I'm at my house.  It's not hot outside but it is supposed to be in the upper 60s all this week.  That's super exciting because it means winter is over.   Today was my first full day home and I spent the day reading magazines, unpacking and hanging out with my dog.

I miss my dog while I'm at school way too much.  She's just so cute and cuddly I can't help but miss her.  I'm a dog lady, whatever.

I'm really bad at making plans so I have absolutely nothing fun planned while I'm home.  Usually the excitement of being home wears off by Wednesday, and you're ready to go back to school as soon as possible.  I guess I could see friends who are home as well and spend quality time with my family.  Or I could blog about how lame I am.  Yeah....lets go with that one.

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