March 28, 2012


Neoprene, also known as the fabric wetsuits are made out of, is having a moment.  The fabric has recently hit the shelves of department stores as skirts and bags.  That's right.  Move over O'Neil, Net-A-Porter has a great selection of neoprene wares, including a Stella McCartney wetsuit.  Surfer girl meets 5th Avenue.

The ultimate transition pieces.  Go right from your scuba lesson to the club.  You'll stay warm in the water plus post-swim while you're waiting in line for a drink.  

At left, yellow ASOS shift dress makes scuba diving sexy, while the McQAlexander McQueen dress below it makes you look like a shark.  Check out those side fins- we're gonna need a bigger boat.  Tablet case from Marc by Marc Jacobs, bring your electronics to the beach!  iPads and iPhones are best nestled in the safety of a bright orange Juicy Couture tote.  Neoprene shoes, why not?  Jimmy Choo to the rescue.  Wear them instead of flippers while scuba diving for a chic edge.  Skirt and dress on the right by Linda Marie Fernandez.  The blue and black neoprene with a thick, black plastic zipper remind the wearer of a classic wetsuit.  Upside of wearing neoprene?  It's so tight you can't breathe.  Who needs air? 

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