March 30, 2012

An Open Letter to my Right Wrist

Dear Right Wrist-
         I'm sorry I use you so much.  That cyst you gave me hurt, but this is just ridiculous.  Flipping eggs is hard, opening jars is difficult, my handwriting has gone down the drain.... I know this splint is supposed to help me, but it's really making things difficult for me.  Yes, it's just 'hook-and-loop'-ed on, but once your little splint is removed you hurt.
        I know other people have it worse so I feel bad complaining.  Some people don't even HAVE hands.  Telling people I had a cyst drained when they ask why I have a splint on is the most uncool thing ever.  Also, the the hook and loop gets stuck on everything.  I went shopping and got attached to every piece of clothing I looked at.  I know, my life is so hard.  OH, and it's loud.  If it's too tight and I have to readjust during class, people turn around and look at me because I'm that person.
        You better be back to normal in 3 weeks when I don't have to wear this dumb splint anymore.  I'll treat you better.  I promise.



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