March 1, 2012

Worst 40 Days Ever

As most white people know, it's Lent.  I am not Catholic, my roommate is not Catholic.  Lent is a Catholic thing.  Long story short Jesus gave up food and water for 40 days while he was in a desert.  No easy task by any means.  AND he was tempted by Satan.

Because I live in the 21st Century and fall to Satan's temptations daily (kind of joking), I decided to give up something just to see if I could do it.

After a conversation with my roommate we decided to both give up our food vice, ranch dressing.  The holy grail of salad dressings.  It's good on everything from pizza to chicken nuggets to vegetables.   After evaluating our sad diets of processed food, we realized we needed to make a change.  So we're starting small with ranch.

 It's actually not a small step because we literally eat it everyday with at least one meal.  We're about a week in and so far we have stayed strong.  The notes on our fridge that command "NO RANCH" are definitely helping.

I have tried to find something else to dip my chicken nuggets in,  when I asked my roommate what I should use she said "my tears."  I contemplated barbeque sauce and honey mustard but my roommate said we really should avoid viscous sauces because it would be like "replacing cocaine with heroin."

So I have moved on.  I've moved on to Sriracha.  What is Sriracha?  Click here and learn my young grasshopper.  My acid reflux is really thanking me for this one.

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  1. Absolutely great Lenten reflection Dana! Elise wrote about this to and you should blog link each other Here's another link from twitter Cardinal Dolan says Lent is like "spiritual spring training." @brigidbergin reports: