March 24, 2012

Weekend Update

Sorry I was m.i.a this week.  My boyfriend was visiting me for the week and he's more important than my blog readers.  Except he is my only reader so sorry I'm not sorry.  Here is what happened this week:

1. My boyfriend stayed with me for his spring break.  He lives 3,000 miles away so this made me very happy.

2. We had beautiful weather all week.  Upper 70's & sunshine.  Flowers are blooming.  it is SPRING!

3. I had a cyst on my wrist removed.  Now I get to wear a splint for 4 weeks.
at least it's totally cute, right?  

4.  My boyfriend gave up meat for Lent, so I ate and cooked vegetarian all week.  It was super tasty.

5.  He is currently at the airport waiting for his flight back to California and I'm really sad.  

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